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Jacks’ Professional Year

Jacks Professional Year
Jack is now starting his supervised Work and Training Professional Year Program with us.

We have some exciting news! Our Advice Associate Jack Faulkner is completing his supervised Work and Training Professional Year Program with us.


After recently completing his studies, including the Financial Adviser Exam, he is nearing the end of the process to become an accredited Adviser.


You may have had the chance to meet Jack at our office, via email or over the phone. This is an exciting milestone for Jack, and also for Qualia Wealth to support the next generation of Advisers.


What is the Professional Year?


Our commitment to our clients and our community is to help facilitate a high standard of professionalism across our industry. A Professional Year for New Entrants supports upcoming Advisers to be industry trained and supervised on their pathway to becoming a professional Financial Adviser.


The Professional Year program provides a practical environment for New Entrants to financial planning to develop skills and knowledge progressively while working closely with an experienced Adviser. All Professional Year participants must undertake 1,500 hours of supervised work activities and 100 hours of training.


Jack is undertaking his Professional Year program and, as his Supervisors, Tom and Chris will be responsible for supervising all his work and training activities. Note, all financial advice continues to be provided under Tom and Chris’s names, given they are supervising his work.


As part of the Professional Year, Jack may complete the following activities:

  • Attend and conduct client meetings with Chris and Tom, another experienced adviser or on his own when this meets the requirements of the Professional Year
  • Model strategies and research products to determine their suitability to meet client objectives, financial needs and personal situations
  • Participate in administrative tasks that support the delivery of trusted advice
  • Prepare relevant documentation, including your advice presentation documents


At Qualia Wealth your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and all our staff, including Jack.


Our team is appropriately trained to maintain your privacy throughout our advice relationship. This includes any of the activities Jack may undertake as part of his Professional Year.


If you have any concerns with the above arrangement, or if you do not agree to Jack undertaking some or all of the above activities as part of the financial advice relationship we provide you, please advise Tom or Chris directly on the details below.


Should you have any questions regarding the Professional Year, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Tom Davis
Principal Adviser
0414 858 250
Chris Broome
Financial Adviser
0428 977 891

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